Tuesday, July 3, 2012

The great journey to curls

At some point in our lives, most of us have this inexplicable wish we had the exact opposite of what we were given by nature. With straight hair, we curl it up, and if you’re a curly head like myself, chances are that you’ve brushed your scalp raw and flat ironed the daylights out of your locks. Sometimes the result isn’t even that great.

When I was younger (oh the awkward middle school years) I was what you might call…confused…with my hair. I had very frizzy/curly hair, and it didn’t look at all attractive naturally. Most days my mom would straighten it before school, and even then it was pretty sub-par. 

However, when I got to high school, I got tired of my mom doing my hair all the time, as you might imagine, and decided to try experimenting a little. In hindsight, I’m SO glad I made this decision.

All it took was use of the right products to really bring out the curls. One day a friend introduced me to Deva hair care for girls with curls…I was a changed woman from that day on...:O

 I use the “No-Poo” and “One-Condition” in the shower, and then rub the “An-Gel” through my hair before VERY LIGHTLY blow drying it with a diffuser.

Here's  a link to the fabulous Deva website!

Last fall I cut my hair to chin length because it was really hard to keep up---but I still love it! Easy and different-looking.

So I guess what I’m trying to say with this post is: Don’t get discouraged.

There might be something really unique in you that’ll just take a little gel (or something) to bring out. Keep trying and don’t give up. Yeah it’s starting to sound a little annoying now, I gotchya. I’m almost done.

 But REALLY! Why straighten or curl your hair every day when you could just embrace whatchya got naturally? Products, my friends, and experimenting. It sure saves a hell of a lot of time in the long run and isn’t bad for the old confidence either.

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  1. I love your curly hair! I forgot what it looked like when it was really long. The short curly hair really suits you :) And I like the message you're spreading...embrace what you have!