Monday, July 9, 2012

The Summer "Im going to get fit!"

Well it's that time of year again. Actually it's been that time for awhile, but I'm always a little late at getting around to these things.

Every summer since I can remember, I've told myself I'm going to get "tan and buff" over the course of June, July, and August.

In the past, I've put...some making my dream a reality. Mostly I just make the tan part come true, and I end up eating worse than I do during the school year.


I'm going ALL OUT and really doing this thing!!


Every day I go to the gym down the street from where I live, and I do 30 minutes on the elliptical. I don't know how they got this picture of me...


Then, I do a few core exercises, like curls and sit ups, and the like.


Some days I throw in Zumba too. In just a matter of time, I'll be as fly as these cool cats in the picture below...


I'm also using this fantastic little website called "My Fitness Pal," which is also available as an app for ipods, to track my calories eaten and the exercises I've completed.


I don't really want to lose a lot of weight. I'm 5'5'' and 110 pounds, but it's mostly fat, and I have NO upper body strength whatsoever. I just want to have more energy and some tone to my body. I just hope I have enough determination!


  1. Love these pics, haha. And you're being too hard on yourself! You're fine just the way you are :)

  2. I think 5'5 and 110 1bs is underweight. Definitely don't try to lose weight. I would do circut training instead of that much cardio because that will build more muscle.

    1. Yeah, I suppose it is, but I've never been an athlete or been in shape, so I just really want a "fit" looking body. Thanks for the advice of circuit training; I'll check that out! :)

  3. lovely post and blog!

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